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Gutter Helmets - Are They Worth it in Colorado?

I'm not a fan... Gutter helmets are one of the upsell items I see people add to their home, and then later regret. In Colorado at least. The issue with the helmets is they often freeze over creating dangerous ice cycle formations on the gutters. The area the water has to travel into the gutter is far too small during Colorado winters. Not to mention, pine needles still get in. And just imagine how much harder it is to get them out.

The solution I like to offer to the ongoing gutter cleaning nightmare is GutterFoam (pictured above and sold at your local Home Depot for about $1.32 / per lf). This stuff works great. It is far less expensive than any of the other option and, in my opinion, far more effective.

If this is something you are interested in, and you are not comfortable installing it yourself, we have installation options for you. Price varies based on installation difficulty, but just reach out and we will get you a quote.

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